Approval of Form Of Development:

CD-1 (729) - 8599 Oak Street - DP-2018-00890


At a Public Hearing on April 17, 2018, City Council approved a rezoning of this site from RM-3A (Multiple Dwelling) to Comprehensive Development District (CD-1).  Council also approved in principle, the form of development for these lands.  CD-1 By-law has been enacted on May 28, 2019.

The site is located on the northwest corner of Oak Street and 70th Avenue which was comprised of two lots.

Subsequent to Council’s approval of the CD-1 rezoning, the Director of Planning approved Development Application Number DP-2018-00890.  This approval was subject to various conditions, including Council’s approval of the form of development.  The latter condition is one of the few outstanding prior to issuance.

The Motion is therefore recommended to Council on April 28, 2020.


THAT the form of development for this portion of the site known as 8599 Oak Street be approved generally as illustrated in the Development Application Number DP-2018-00890, prepared by S2 Architecture, and stamped “Received, Community Services Group, Development Services”, on February 28, 2020, provided that the Director of Planning may impose conditions and approve design changes which would not adversely affect either the development character of the site or adjacent properties.


Development Permit:


The developer is GBS Construction Manager.


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