1648 East 1st Avenue - DP-2017-01054

RainCity Housing has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to change the use of this site to a “social service centre” and to operate it as a temporary shelter, including:

• 40 mats;
• Open 24/7;
• Two staff at all times;
• Three meals/day;
• Showers and health and housing services; and
• The shelter will open early November.

Under the site’s existing RM-4N zoning, the application is “conditional” and the Director of Planning is prepared to exercise his discretion to issue the permit for this conditional use.

To learn more, a Community Information Session will take place on:

Thursday, October 26, 6pm – 8pm
Britannia Community Centre, Conference Room
1661 Napier Street, Vancouver
RSVP to housing@vancouver.ca

For more information about the shelter visit: http://vancouver.ca/people-programs/homeless-shelters

The City is committed to ensuring winter shelters are managed safely and responsibly. The City will continue to communicate with and be responsive to the local community throughout the winter months while the shelters are open.

To contact RainCity please call Amelia Ridgway at 604.215.5995 or email aridgway@raincityhousing.org
Or contact Andrea Jung, Homelessness Services at 604.673.8443 or


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